• Is the timetable the same as before lockdown?

We have made slight changes to our timetable, to add in new beginners classes for all ages and make sure that we are following government guidelines.

  • Do I have to book?

Yes, all classes have to be pre booked, this is so that we have the information of each dancer that is the building for track and trace purposes.

  • Do I have to prepay?

Yes, when you book your class you will be asked for payment. This is a non-refundable payment and the class cannot be cancelled. We are limited to the number of dancers in each class so please make sure you attend once you have booked.

  • What happens if the class I would like to book has no spaces?

All classes have a waiting list area, you can register to put you name on this this list and we will contact you if a space becomes available.

  • What do I wear and bring?

Please only bring one bag with your dance shoes and a water bottle.  Arrive dressed in one form of dance wear.  One hoodie and leggings are permitted over the top but No outdoor coats.

  • If the café bar open?

No café bar facilities will be available. Please make sure all dancers bring their own drinks.

  • Can I wait with my child?

From September we will be allowing one parent/guardian to stay with any children who are 5 years & under.
For children aged 6 & over, one parent/guardian should bring your children to check them in at reception. You will then collect them at the back door. This will be explained in full to you on arrival.

  • What class should my child come to if they were due to move up in formation?

Formation teams will be notified what classes they should be coming to from September 2020.

  • I pay by direct debit, will that re start again?

At the moment all direct debits will remain frozen until October. More information about this will be sent you you via email. All payments are to be made via ClubRight when you book a class. We thank everyone who sent us donations throughout and kept their direct debit active, this was a vital part in keeping our business alive and being able to re-open for you all.

  • What happens to my Cheerleading tickets from March 2020’s competition we did not attend?

An email was sent out during lockdown about all cheerleading tickets. Please return these to reception as they will act as payment for the next competition.

  • Are this year’s competitions and shows going ahead?

At the moment our priority is to get all our children back to dancing in a safe and manageable way following the government guidelines. Any competitions and shows that are scheduled in for the rest of the year will be assessed nearer the time. At the moment large gatherings aren’t allowed.

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