Pride of Fever 2024 – ON THE DAY INFORMATION

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet
Mini Mix & Movers


Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet – 9:00-9:30am

Mini Mix & Mover – 9:30-10:15/30am.

All dancers above will have a rehearsal at the studio as normal. Please book on the correct class via ClubRight as normal.

What time do I need to drop my child off on the day?

Arrive at Blackpool Tower when doors open. 5:30pm (Table & VIP), 6:00pm (Standard).

What should my child wear to arrive in and how should they have their hair?

Your child must arrive with their hair in a centre parting, low bun in their full outfit. If your child’s hair won’t go into a bun, please make sure it is as neat as possible and out of their face.

Where should I drop my child off?

When you arrive in the ballroom, please bring your child to stage right as you look at it. You will see a member of staff to collect your child.

Dancers will stay backstage with us, until after they have danced. As soon as Stephen (on the stage) announces the collection time for small children, please head towards stage left (opposite side to where you dropped them off). A member of staff will bring the children to you, please do not enter backstage through the doors or take your child without a staff member ticking them off our collection list. They can then enjoy the rest of the show with you.

If they are staying for the finale, Stephen will announce just before the finale for you to bring your children back to the dance floor.

You need to make sure you child drinks plenty of water throughout the performance. Food will be allowed to be taken into the ballroom for performers ONLY, packed in a small lunch box.