Who are we?

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About Fever

Fever Dance Company has something for everyone from beginners to the more advanced dancer looking for a relaxed, fun night out. We have been offering a range of dance courses in Preston since 2004. All our classes are taught by our fully trained and experienced teachers. From street dance to ballroom, rock and roll to the slow floating foxtrot. We cater for all ages and all levels of ability, and our classes are held 7 days a week to fit into your social schedule!

Fever’s style of teaching has been responsible for thousands of people all over the world learning, who have gone on to enjoy dancing at all levels. This friendly and personal style of approach, with the emphasis on enjoyment, has something to offer everyone and has helped create one of the most successful and fun dance schools in the country. Forget the traditional image of partner dancing, Fever’s mix of fun energy, and music from all eras make learning to dance an experience that everyone will enjoy. With no strict dress code and a complete mix of ages from all walks of life, why not take the risk and come along to see what everyone is talking about! The hardest part about learning to dance is getting the courage to come along for the first time. So whether you have two left feet or are on step short of perfection, Fever Dance Company can offer you the perfect environment to improve and more importantly enjoy your dancing.